Day Session

Mo - 05/09/2011


Introduction to the BCBT2011

Paul Verschure: "Biologically Constrained Learning"

Roberto Cingolani: "Nanotechnologies for humans and humanoids"

Noel Sharkey: "Trading rights: the ethical marketplace of robotics"


Tutorial: IQR

Marti Sanchez & Ivan Herrero

Tue - 06/09/2011


chair Paul Verschure

Kevin O'Regan: "How to Make a Robot that Feels"

Hillel Chiel: "Towards Autonomous Robots: Lessons from Biology"


Tutorial: IQR/DAC

Armin Duff & Encarni Marcos

Wed - 07/09/2011                                


chair Tony Prescott


Aaron Sloman: "How to combine science and engineering to solve philosophical

Dom Massaro: "Technology Assisted Reading Acquisition (TARA): Acquiring Literacy Naturally"

Auke Ijspeert: "Control of locomotion using central pattern generators: from biology to robotics"


Tutorial: Current status of the simulations theory of thinking - Germund Hesslow

Thurs - 08/09/2011


chair Paul Verschure


Frank Grasso: "Biologically-inspired balancing of inherited and learned behaviors in mobile robots"

Jon Kaas: "The Evolution of the Large, Complex Human Brain"


Tutorial: TBA 

Fri - 09/09/2011


chair Paul Verschure


Frank Bremmer: "Spatial representations during eye movements"

Federico Carpi: "Electromechanically active polymer artificial muscles for future soft robotics and biomimetics"


Tutorial1: Exploring brain macrosystems: functional principles meet neuroanatomical structure - Bjorn Merker

Tutorial2: Hardware implementations of spiking neural networks for real-time behaving cognitive systems - Giacomo Indiveri

Sat - 10/09/2011

No Talks

Sun - 11/09/2011

No Talks
Mon - 12/09/2011

chair Tony Prescott


Huosheng Hu: " Biomimetics - An evolutionary transformation from biological systems to intelligent robots "

Tony Prescott: "Modeling Natural Intelligence"

Joseph Ayers: "Synthetic Neuroethology"


Students work on projects

Tue - 13/09/2011


chair Tony Prescott


Frank Grasso: "Exploring cephalopod object manipulation: modeling studies of neural control of Octopus suckers and squid tentacles"

Maria Carrozza: "Towards human-robot symbiosis - New perspectives for assistive and rehabilitation robotics"

Andy Philippides: "Mimicking the elegance of insect behavior: a case study in visual navigation"


Tutorial: iCub tutorial - Ugo Pattacini

Wed - 14/09/2011


chair Paul Verschure


David Lentink: "Biofluiddynamics of flight as an inspiration for design"

Mitra Hartman: "Biological Modeling and Biomimetics: Some Thoughts from Study of the Rat Vibrissal (Whisker) System"


Students work on projects

Thurs - 15/09/2011


chair Tony Prescott


Yoseph Bar-Cohen: "Humanlike Robots - The ultimate challenge to mimicking biology in a synthetic form"

Maarja Kruusmaa: "How Fish KISS: A Reductionist Approach to a Biomimetic Design of an Underwater Fish Robot

David Lane: "Dolphin inspired sonar development for autonomous underwater vehicles.


Students work on projects


Fri - 16/09/2011



chair Paul Verschure

Students project presentations



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