The Barcelona Cognition, Brain and Technology Summer School. 4th edition.

Sept 5-16, 2011 Barcelona, Spain

BCBT summerschool 2011

BCBT 2012  coming soon!!

Sept 3-14, 2012 Barcelona, Spain

BCBT's principal aim is to promote a shared systems-level understanding of the functional architecture of the brain and its possible emulation in artificial systems. With respect to FP7 this means that BCBT is catering to the research communities addressed by the  “bio-ict convergence”, Brain Inspired ICT and “cognitive systems-robotics”. BCBT is aiming at making a positive contribution to the development of an active and integrated multi-disciplinary research environment in these areas.

On this site you can find video registrations of the 2011 talks and links to interviews with the speakers. Registered participants also have access to papers and other details.

Students listening to lecture at BCBT10
The BCBT summer school is hosted by SPECS, the Synthetic Perceptive, Emotive and Cognitive Systems Group at the Technology Department of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona.
While the 2012 edition and its dedicated website is on its way, we will provide the infomation of this past edition for reference.


BCBT caters to the students and researchers involved in projects that are in the ambit of  “bio-ict convergence” "brain Inspired ICT", “cognitive systems-robotics” 

***All BCBT participants should be members of "The Convergent Science Network of biomimetic and biohybrid systems" (CSN)

BCBT will offer up to 30 student slots for the practical workshops while as many researchers of the associated projects can sign up to attend the presentations and discussion sessions as are interested. For the lectures the limit will be placed at 75 given the capacity of the available lecture theatre.

          ** The registration fee is 300 €.

*** BCBT has a number of student scholarships available. The scholarships cover travel expenses, accommodation and registration fee. All reimbursements will be done once the Summer School is finished.


BCBT is sponsored by CSN and EUCogII


CSN is funded by the 7th Research Framework Programme FP7-ICT-CSN-248986

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