Steve Noctor

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Dr. Noctor studies development of cortical structures in the central nervous system.  The cerebral cortex consists of billions of neurons and glia that are produced over a relatively short period of time during development.  Dr. Noctor investigates factors that control proliferation of the precursor cells that produce cortical neurons and glia, and how cortical cells migrate over long distances to reach their appropriate position in the developing brain.

Steve Noctor : Evolution and regulation of neural precursor cells in the developing vertebrate brain.

Thursday, 3 September, 2015 - 11:30 to 13:00

Work in rodent models shows that neural precursor cells (NPCs) in the subventricular zone of the prenatal forebrain produce excitatory cortical neurons destined for the cerebral cortex. A common pathway for neurogenic divisions in rodent cortex involves a two-step process by which Pax6-expressing radial glial cells divide in the ventricular zone to produce Tbr2-expressing NPCs that divide in the subventricular zone to produce cortical neurons.

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