BCBT 2018


There are a large number of initiatives developed by the EC in the 7th framework program that support and develop research in the areas of cognitive systems, robotics and the relationship between biology and technology. These initiatives combine hundreds of research groups throughout Europe. Thus far there is no common practical platform for the exchange and dissemination of the results of these research efforts beyond short workshops and conferences. In order to fully develop the European research potential in this area such a practical platform is needed. The Barcelona cognition, brain and technology summer school aims at providing this platform for both student training and the development of a common research agenda.

We have positioned this summer school at the interface between neuroscience, future and emerging technologies and cognitive systems and it is supported by a number of European research consortia. BCBTs principal aim is to promote a shared systems-level understanding of the functional architecture of the brain and its possible emulation in artificial systems. With respect to FP7 this means that BCBT is catering to the research communities addressed by the “cognitive systems”, “bio-ict convergence” and related FET calls.



Supported by:


Convergent Science Network of Biomimetics and Neurotechnology
7th Research Framework Programme FP7-ICT-601167


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