Speaker information

Since 2012 Marc Toussaint is full professor at the University of Stuttgart and the head of the Machine Learning and Robotics Laboratory.

His current research interests are:
- Planning by probabilistic inference: probabilistic inference for solving (PO)MDPs, for stochastic optimal control, in robotics. Probabilistic inference as a model of goal-directed behavior in cognitive sciences.
- Robotics: Bayesian view on motor control and planning, probabilistic models for object grasping and manipulation, motor primitives, latent variable models of motion
- General Machine Learning: learning representations, Bayesian networks & graphical models, learning in deep factor graphs, belief propagation, structured output
- Generally, he is also interested in relations to neuro science (e.g., the relation between neural dynamics and probabilistic inference, or between free energy models of neural dynamics and planning by inference) and to cognitive science (models of goal-directed behavior).